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You must be 18 years of age and have legal authority to grant consent(s) for the player to participate in the Thousands Islands Minor Football League. Please ensure accuracy as the information collected will be provided to the Ontario Football Association and Football Canada for insurance purposes.

NOTE: The goal of the Thousand Island Minor Football League is to provide a fun and positive lasting experience for players of the Greater Kingston Area. Upon registering you will be asked to choose your preference for what team/region you would like to play for. We hope that we can accommodate all players with their preference in terms of where they will play. We have the mandate to balance teams as best as can and this may necessitate moving players around to necessitate fairness and parity for all House league teams. You will be asked if there are any preferences or conditions that may make it easier for your player to move teams if this is deemed necessary. The Coaching Co-Ordinators and league Executive will take these conditions as well as a number of other factors into play when creating teams but may have to make decisions based on what is best for the entire league and overall player safety. Any questions or concerns please contact by email at [email protected]

Alternative payment options required - please contact by email at [email protected]

Are you a returning player? If so click here for the returning player registration form to get a code to load registration information from the previous year.

Registration Form for 2020 Season

Player Information
* This is how the players name will be shown on end of year photos.
Parent/Guardian Information
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Consent and Waiver

The undersigned parent or guardian:

  1. consents to the player named above participating in the Thousand Island Minor Football League program and acknowledges that he/she is aware that the League will be playing tackle football and that injures can occur; and
  2. waivers and releases the League, its organizers, directors, officers, volunteers, and representatives and any physician, nurse and/or hospital or emergency services staff referred to below from any and all costs, damages, or other liabilities of any nature whatsoever arising out of or related to such participation and/or exercise of any authority or consent contained herein.
  3. grants permission for the player named above to have their name and photo published in the local newspaper or on the TIMFL website.

The undersigned parent or guardian understands and agrees that it is his/her responsibility to advise League management immediately of any change in the above information, medical or otherwise.

In the event of injury to the named player, League management shall have authority to release the player to the care of a paramedic and/or to take the player to an MD or hospital, if considered appropriate, and for such purpose to designate any adult over the age of 18 having valid Ontario driver's license.

The undersigned parent or guardian hereby authorizes a physician, paramedic, nurse and/or hospital or emergency services staff to undertake examination and investigation of named player and his/her injury or condition and to treat the same as considered necessary or appropriate.

Consent is hereby given for the release of any information herein contained to League or medical staff, as considered appropriate.

TIMFL Equipment Rental Policy

  • The equipment provided: helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, pants and hip, thigh and knee pads must be returned to the Thousand Islands Minor Football League (2016) Inc.
  • The Equipment must be returned at the end of the last scheduled game of the League. Equipment must be returned to an Area Representative as defined by the League. Arrangements may be made with the league convenor to find a mutually acceptable date for equipment return in the case of borrowing equipment for camps. Should the Client not return the equipment on this date, the Client will be charged an administrative fee in the amount of $300.00 and hereby authorizes the "League" to apply same to the credit card number and expiration date provided by the Client to the League or to cash the equipment deposit cheque.
  • All equipment is deemed issued in a good state of order and shall be returned in the same state. The Client hereby assumes liability for any damage to the Equipment beyond ordinary wear and tear and authorizes the League to apply any costs incurred for repair and/or replacement of damaged Equipment to the credit card provided by the Client to the League. The Client assumes responsibility for inspecting all Equipment at the time of issue." The maximum limit of the replacement / repair cost will be the cost of replacing the 'as new' equipment.

TIMFL Terms and Conditions

By submitting any contribution to the Sites, including without limitation text, photos, graphics or video ("content"), you acknowledge and agree that you are granting The Thousand Islands Minor Football League 2016 Inc. a worldwide, irrevocable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive license, to utilize the provided content as The Thousand Islands Minor Football League sees appropriate in its absolute discretion, including without limitation the modification or adaptation of the content. Without limiting the preceding, you have voluntarily granted the Thousand Islands Minor Football League the right and authority to publish, broadcast, display or distribute the provided content by any means deemed appropriate and in any media.

You expressly waive, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any moral rights you have in respect of the content and agree that no rights of attribution shall be enforced by you. In consideration of you being granted access to the Sites and being allowed to submit any content to the Sites, you grant these rights free of charge.

By submitting content to the Sites, you represent and warrant that:

  • You are the owner of the content or have been granted the necessary rights or authority to provide the license described above.
  • The use by The Thousand Islands Minor Football League of the content will not infringe on the rights of any other party or violate any law.
  • The content provided is not confidential.

You agree to indemnify and hold The Thousand Islands Minor Football League 2016 Inc. harmless from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability, damages and expense (including legal fees and disbursements on a full indemnity basis) including actions for infringement of copyright, any third party claim inconsistent with your representations and warranties or otherwise in connection with our use of your content under the terms of this license.

The Thousand Islands Minor Football League 2016 Inc. reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to refuse to post or to remove any content submitted to its Sites.

The Thousand Islands Minor Football League is not responsible for content posted by third parties and is under no obligation to remove content that may offend some users. The views expressed in user-posted content are theirs alone and do not reflect the views of The Thousand Islands Minor Football League.

TIMFL Photo Release and Waiver

I hereby grant the Thousand Islands Minor Football League (TIMFL) 2016 Inc. the absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission to use, reuse, publish and republish photographic portraits or video (collectively photographs) taken of the registrant:

In whole or in part, individually or in any and all media and for any purpose whatsoever, including internal or external publications for media illustration, promotion, art, editorial and advertising.

For example, TIMFL may use:

  • Photos of player(s) taken at or by TIMFL during events and activities for TIMFL publications and the TIMFL website for promotional purposes.
  • Photos of player(s) taken at or by TIMFL during events and activities that may be published in external publications such as newspapers and magazines both in print and online.

I also agree that such photos may identify my child by name and age group and as a TIMFL player.

Further, I hereby release and discharge the TIMFL from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the Photographs, including without limitation any and all claims for libel or violation of any right of publicity or privacy.

I hereby waive any right that I may have to inspect or approve the finished product or products and the advertising copy or other matter that may be used in connection therewith or to use to which it may be applied.

This release shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

This authorization and release shall inure to the benefit of the TIMFL.

I have read the foregoing and fully understand the contents thereof.

TIMFL Refund Policy

It is expensive to operate a non-profit football league as we must ensure that we order and stock equipment/apparel for every player that registers.

Once a player participates in a practice and/or a game, TIMFL will have committed to fixed costs based on number of registrants. (Insurance, equipment, field rentals, referees, etc.) TIMFL‘s refund policy is that a refund of $200.00 will be provided between February 6th and May 1st. No refunds will be given to any player no matter the circumstances after May 1st.

All uniforms and equipment (shoulder pads, helmet, jersey and pants) must be returned to insure that the registrant is not charged the $300 equipment deposit fee.

I acknowledge that all refunds are subject to a $50.00 processing fee and no refunds will be granted after May 1, 2020.

TIMFL Privacy Policy

The Thousand Islands Minor Football League (TIMFL) ensures that any personal information collected from customers is collected, used, disclosed and eventually destroyed in a manner that is secure and responsible. We believe that the measures we have developed and implemented will serve that interest and maximize your experience with us.

Collection of Information

Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual. This includes information such as your name, address, e-mail address and any payment information you provide. All personal information that we collect is provided voluntarily when you choose to contact us or to register and/or purchase merchandise from us. We collect only the information that is required to provide the services you requested. TIMFL will not retain personal information for longer than is reasonably necessary or applicable law permits.

Any statistical reporting that is created or disseminated is on a completely anonymous basis. In other words, it would not be possible to ascertain the individual to whom the information relates.

Disclosure of Personal Information

TIMFL will not sell, share or rent your personal information to any third party. TIMFL will not provide your personal information to third parties unless the disclosure of that information is:

(a) required by law;
(b) made in response to your request for the services we provide; or,
(c) made with your express consent.

In the event that it is necessary to provide personal information to one of the business partners with whom we contract to provide those services, those partners have contractually agreed to adhere to the privacy provisions under which we operate.

TIMFL will not use your email address for any unsolicited mail. Any emails sent by the TIMFL will only be to give you updates about your son or daughters participation in the TIMFL.

Security of Personal Information

TIMFL has procedures in place to secure all personal information in our possession. Access to your personal information is limited to those TIMFL Executive members and business partners who require it in order to fulfill your requests. Additionally, we maintain a secure server and an up-to-date security system to safeguard your transactions and the information you provide.

TIMFL does save billing information in the event that your equipment is not returned at the end of the season. You will be notified if we use that information to charge your credit card.

Accessing Personal Information

Should you wish to view, delete or change your personal information please advise us at [email protected] In an effort to ensure that the information you have provided is accurate, up-to-date and retained only as long as required, the information is destroyed within a specified period following your removal from the TIMFL.

Questions Concerning TIMFL's Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or concerns regarding TIMFL's privacy policy or the use of the personal information you provided to TIMFL, please contact us at:

[email protected]

I have read and agree to the Consent and Waiver.

I have read and agree to the TIMFL Equipment Rental Policy.

I have read and agree to the Refund Policy.

I have read and agree to the TIMFL Terms and Conditions.

I have read and agree to the TIMFL Photo Release and Waiver (optional).

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